Legit Practice

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Legit Practice was originally designed for a mine craft server but in the end was not required, so now, you can buy it! It’s a completely custom forum, including a custom style, forum nodes, animated logo and much more. Once downloaded you will be presented with compressed database and web root files. If you require extra help uploading and setting them up on your host please contact me and I will be glad to help you out.

The forum comes with a placeholder website release post to get you going; the software version is 1.5.12 so you can easily use recent plugins for extra functionality for your site. If at any point you are stuck editing the theme don’t hesitate to ask, I will be sure to get back to you will an answer asap.

Once setup you can login to your forum using demo:demo as login details.

A demo of this forum can be found here:

If you require a detailed installation guide and/or extra information regarding this product then please see this post: Installation Guide & Extra Product Information

Any queries or questions regarding this product contact me here:


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